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SEEDS for Sustainability is focused on building bridges...


We believe that transformation comes from awareness and engagement.


We work with projects that promote holistic and systemic regenerative behavior change.

Key Areas


SEEDS for Sustainability provide young talents with a solid platform to develop their potential to become professional athletes. 
With the support of investors (SEEDERs), they transform their life trajectories, impact the lives of their families who will have access to better social patterns as well as other community members, who will be inspired by their example.

Equal access to sports becomes the platform for building a healthy, collaborative and collective conscious generation in the world.

Women & Girls Empowerment

More women than men work in vulnerable, low-paid, or undervalued jobs. According to the World Bank, women earn on average 60 to 70 percent of men’s wages. Women also have less access to formal financial institutions and saving mechanisms.  The list of challenges is long. 

When more women work, more prosperity is created in society. Women’s economic equality is good for business and is good for society. Equal access to opportunities and fair recognition for women's achievements become the starting point for building a healthy, collaborative, and prosperous society.

SEEDS provides a platform for projects focused on women's and girls’ empowerment.


Our economy is linear. We produce things out of materials provided by nature, we use them, and frequently throw them away not long after. Produce, use, throw away, repeat. That has been the rule. 

However, we live in a planet with finite resources. Therefore, we need to create much more value and much less waste out of the resources we use. The circular economy proposes a new way of designing production:  to keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them while in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials.

SEEDS  is interested in projects that propose new ways of production and consumption.

Leadership for Transformation

Climate change, financial crises, resource depletion, increasing gap between rich and poor… Being able to navigate chaos, engage people to work together, listen deeply to each other, and co-create solutions are fundamental skills in our society.

At SEEDS we believe that transformation comes from an awareness-based view. We are looking for projects that promote this holistic view of the world, where economic processes are aligned to nature and societal needs.  In addition, SEEDS offers training, workshops and advisory services to foment transformational leadership.

SEEDS is aligned with the United Nations Developments Goals. The projects that are listed in our system have to  address at least 3 goals of  the 17  proposed by the UN, among other criteria.

UN Global Goals
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We are more than happy to share with investors (companies, organizations, foundations, individuals) our list of projects. We believe in building trustful and long-term relationships, and we are here to present projects (website platform) as well as to advise investors to find the right project to support (consulting services).

In this first phase, there are two possible ways to be part of SEEDS:

1. Investors

2. Benefited Projects

There are many great ideas that die every day due to the lack of resources, network and/or business know-how. Our goal is to offer a trustful space for people to present their projects and be exposed to investors (companies, organizations, individuals). We would like to be that garden of colorful, diverse and prosperous projects that will improve the state of our world. We focus initially on projects in the following areas: sports, women empowerment, circular economy and leadership for change.

How to join us
Meet the team

Meet the team

SEEDS was born from the encounter of a group of women, working in different sectors and living in different parts of the globe, who have a clear purpose of creating solutions for a better world. By building this platform as well as the advisory services, the group aims to spread great ideas, build prosperous connections and develop entrepreneurial actions.

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Telma Gomes

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

- Portugal -

Sustainability Expert,

Change Management,

Senior Business Manager,

 Public Speaker,


Margarida Miranda_pb.jpeg

Margarida Miranda

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

- Portugal -

Social Responsibility Manager, Project Coordinator, Event Planner, Change Management


Patrizzia Cappelletti

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

- UK -

Sustainability Expert,

Biologist and

Environment Expert,

Change Management

Montessori Educator

Fabio Borges1.png

Fabio Borges

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

- Portugal -

Entrepreneurship Expert, Social Impact Businesses,

Organizational Design, Business Management,

Regenerative Development.

Advisory Circle


Catarina Palermo

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

- Brazil - 

CTW Director,

Business Manager,


Coordinator of Sports Actions & Mapping Committee at FIESP

Dalen Jacomino_2.png

Dalen Jacomino

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

- Switzerland - 

Communication Strategist, Journalist,

Editor Chief,

 Sustainability Expert,

Change Management


Jenny Saarnilinna

- Finland -

Ex-professional WTA Tennis Player, Entrepreneur, 

Sports Personal Trainer,

Change Management

Anna Celsing_.png

Anna Celsing

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

- Sweden -

Sustainability Expert, Change Management, 

Management Teams Facilitator,
Public Speaker

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